Let Me Be a Woman!


Two hundred years ago Elizabeth Elliot may have been considered to be in the mainstream of … [Read more...]

Three Decades of Fertility


I am so excited to introduce you to this new book, which I was privileged to co-author. This … [Read more...]

What are you reading?


I typically read several books at a time. I keep a stack in my room, a book in the basement, one in … [Read more...]

Resources for Protecting Your Marriage Talk


This resource list goes with the message Protecting Your Marriage, which I'll be giving this week … [Read more...]

Worship and the Reformation


I just finished reading Douglas Bond's new historical fiction book. The Betrayal: A Novel on John … [Read more...]

Lord’s Day Hymn: Jesus I Come


I wrote about the song Jesus I Come a year ago.  So why am I writing about it again? I guess it's … [Read more...]

Wake Up Call


Warning: Not for children, adult subject matter Recently I rented an excellent movie from … [Read more...]

Lord’s Day Hymn: Jesus, what a Friend for sinners


One of my family's favorite hymns is Jesus, what a Friend for sinners. This song often brings tears … [Read more...]

Perseverance of the Saints


"For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor … [Read more...]


I watched the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed this week. My husband and my oldest son … [Read more...]