A Day for New Life

Maggie second birthday

This guest post from my husband David really blessed me! August 4th. A day my wife and I shall … [Read more...]

Celebrating 40: 70′s Style!

Celebrating 40–’70′s Style That's me...second from right The summer of 2010 was a … [Read more...]

Quick Fix Christmas Buffet

Quick-Fix Christmas Buffet I like to keep several food items on hand for a quick-to-fix … [Read more...]

Naming Babies

babies 026

We are in the process of adopting a daughter from China.  Though it has always been challenging to … [Read more...]

Ice Cream Bombe


I love making ice cream cakes in the summer!  It's simple, and it doesn't heat up the kitchen, and … [Read more...]

It’s Not About Me


I wasn't too enthusiastic about Mother's Day last year. My idea of the perfect day was to spend … [Read more...]

Christmas Past

Austria snow wm

The Sound of Music was always my favorite movie while I was growing up.  So when I got the … [Read more...]

Grateful for Nothing


I have nothing to be grateful for this year.  Nothing that I know of, anyway.  We had no major … [Read more...]

Memorial Stones


Every year on New Year's Day we sit down as a family and write out a chronicle of the past year. It … [Read more...]

Thankful in the midst of trials


I've been wanting to sit down all week and write a Thanksgiving post. All the kids and I have strep … [Read more...]